Our Mission...

Sonora Towing & Recovery's mission is to place our customers first by providing them the highest level of integrity and professional service in the towing & recovery industry. We are committed to being the most responsive, dedicated, respected, and the most understanding towing company with whom you will ever do business. We are working hard to be your first choice.

We have over 30 years of incident management experience!

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Your hectic commute just took a turn for the worse. You hear it - that "clink-clickety-clunk" sound that is far from music to your ears. You pull your car over to the side of the road, but now you're stuck, miles from home. Let us give a lift.

Roadside Help

Wether you need gas, a jump start or a spare tire changed we can help

Lock Outs

You did it again! You throw your car in park, grab most of your belongings, and slam the door. Oh no! Where are my keys!? Now, you're standing outside your locked car while your keys are dangling from the ignition, staring back at you.


No one undestands the value of your special cargo like STR. We specialize in the safe, careful recovery and storage of your property.

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